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This Video Will Change The Way You Think About Your Content Strategy in 2023

Here’s a story that will change the way you think about your content strategy in 2023.

Imagine you wake up one morning and you’ve got really bad tooth ache. It’s really bad and the pain is…

So you head in to town and there are two dentists next door to each other with appointments available immediately.

You go in the first door and the dentist says “Great to see you at Smiles R Us. We’re the UK’s leading dental agency and we provide dentures, crowns and whitening services.

We’re able to fit you in today because we have a proprietary booking system which gives us immediate access to patient records and our online diary.

The chair you’re sitting in is upholstered with imported cow hide and our instruments are fashioned from Sheffield steel, laser cut for precision.”

Now you’re tooth is really hurting so you decide to head next door.

Here, the dentist says “Sit down and get comfortable, I’m here to take away your pain and make you feel like your old self in no time”

So which of those two would you tell your friends about?

The point is – stop talking about you but instead, focus on solving your customers problems and most important of all, making them FEEL better about what you do.

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