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How Coaching Can Benefit Schools and Colleges

Why is Coaching Such a Hige benefit to schools and colleges.

Here is a transcript of the video.

IIf you can get all the children involved, 
that’s a huge ‘why’, that’s a huge bonus for the schools because
you’ve got children in the schools 
that just don’t want to do anything.

I’ve been teaching 23 years now. The work that ACCA is doing is looking to bring out individual qualities in
people and in children to make sure that they get 
the best life opportunities.

I think sport 
and those fundamental lessons will help children not only grow
their relationships 
with the parents, teachers. And help them academically.

Those are lessons they can take on into their life and into adulthood and in employment. So I think sport can do so much more than just as you see the kids behind us just running around.

If I’ve got a son who wants to come to football training on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday morning,
Sunday morning 
and he’s desperate to come to it, well, it makes my life easierand he lives his life around football.

The only sports that they do is probably the 2 hours to 3 hours in schools that they all do. And when they get back home, they’re not doing a lot more. So if you can get more out with them, for the children that potentially won’t do anything at home. Perfect.

And it’s rewarding not just with the ones who are turning up who you know are good players. It’s the same with cricket and football. It’s the ones who turn up who aren’t necessarily that good or not necessarily that confident, who they see progressing because of the coaching.

And also sport obviously mirrors life. Sometimes sports tough and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. So, I guess the key thing that we’re trying to get across is that they can achieve things that they possibly didn’t think were possible.

We don’t have to encourage him, he’s ready at 6:00. He’s got his kit on. If he could go to school in his kit, he probably would. But it is down to the coaches.

Those who are active are much better with both their health, 
wellbeing and academic success because a healthy person leads to better academic results.

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