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Hey kashif, I made this video just for you

Although we’re a super small team (we like it that way), we’re savvy people with invaluable experience, marketing acumen and creative thinking.

-------- Think Video --------

Hey kashif, I made this video just for you

50+ Businesses Trust Think Video

Video Strategy Review

Video Strategy Review

Let’s go on a date (well maybe not literally) when I’ll be happy to share my experience and offer advice on how video could get the results you want.

 “A collaboration with Martin is more than the sum of its parts and I’m so glad that I found Think Video.”

Ed Grainger
Managing Director, Grainger and Worrall

After the call and if you like what you hear, I’ll come up  with some ideas for you to think over.

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Build instant trust
(at scale)

Nobody buys anything from anybody that they don’t trust – which makes trust the most valuable emotion that buyers must feel when they connect with your brand.

And nothing builds trust online like video.

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Attract new buyers
to your business

You have an amazing product or service and if enough people listen to what you have to offer, your brand will really take off.

But your message isn’t reaching the people it should.

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Show the world what
what you've got

Over 80% of businesses that use
video in their marketing see a good return on their investment.

And Google loves video.

Working with Think Video

“Martin is always coming up with new ideas to help our messaging and is very much part of our sales and marketing team.”

Ed Grainger
Grainger and Worrall

“We had one meeting and immediately, Think Video picked up what I was trying to achieve”

Hilary Meredith-Beckham
HM Solicitors

“I didn’t want to be super prescriptive. I simply said this is what I’m trying to achieve, can you help is please?”

Leon Cottell